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Timon Berkowitz

Nick names: Timmy, Little fella, Tunnel Klutz, Berkowitz.
Age: Adult
Alignment: Hero


Timon has been described by his voice actor Nathen Lane as and I quote. "A Meerkat with a New York attitude" And his accent fallows suit. He has also been describe as like a Used Car Salesmen. Quite the fast talker, incredibly Savvy, Wise cracking, and Quick-witted. Timon can be rather thoughtless and selfish at times, but in the end, he has a good heart and is loyal to his friends. He is quite the opposite of his species norms or stereotypes. Rather then a hard worker of a Meerkat. Timon is a lazy daydreamer which results in him being cast out of his colony. (But make no mistake, HE! was the one who decided to leave.) Timon is a cowered by a literal "Nature", His status at the bottom of the food chain means he relies on stronger animals to protect him. (Pumbaa offering him transportation, Simba offering him predator protection, etc.) And as such, Is generally afraid of Carnivores. They also often seem to be the butt of some of his comical quiffs. Almost as if he thinks of them as below him morally. In fact his original idea for taking the young Simba under his wing was nothing more then a "Body guard' of sorts. (As said by him to Pumbaa "Are you nuts" "Where talking about a Lion" "Lions eat guys like us!!" ) But it quickly became a very genuine friendship. And his fear of Carnivores has simmered tremendously, Though, Once he's on his own, he usually looks out for himself. but nonetheless he never abandons his friends in times of trouble and is willing to risk himself for them. He is also shown to be very competitive and quite self-absorbed and not as clever as he'd like to think he is. Often claiming Pumbaa's good ideas as his own (And seemingly genuinely believing it). He loves a good joke, making puns and comical stand up jokes often, Making stage fright the last thing you would ever hear from him, He always loves to be in the spotlight.


As mentioned above. Timons natural fear of carnivores has simmered since his deep bound with Simba. But not entirely. He is however more careless of them since living among them and Simba in Pride Rock for years. ( Shown most notable when Timon full on confronted Zira of the Outlands with a yell. Only to cringe back once the lioness let out a roar. Realizing his natural predator he was dealing with )

Timon has also shown extreme sensitivity on subjects of friendship. So much so. You could call it a fear.


Any Carnivore that wants to eat him. Digging tunnels. His uncles lack of faith in him. Scar. The Hyena trio. (Or Hyena's in general for that matter) The Outlanders. (formally) Having worry's or responsibility's. Any harm too his friends. Especially Pumbaa and Simba. Arguments with good friends or anything that effects friendship negatively. "Friends stick together till the end" after all. (And last but not least. Simba's morning breath. XD)

Unique traits and Interesting Facts:

Timon can be defined from other Meerkats for a bright orange tuffle of fur on top of his head. A physical trait only shared by his mother.

Timon may possibly be the smallest character in the Lion King franchise. Even a trifle smaller then Zazu. Shown most notably in the iconic. "Mr. Pig" scene. Timon stands roughly between 11-12 inches.


Can Dig/burrow Meerkat tunnels though not preferable for him personally, Agile, Staling for time with clever Distractions and Disguises, Manipulation and persuasion. Great peripheral vision and eye sight. Has keen senses of smell, vision and hearing. Hammerspace.


Has a Gluttonous love for food, Mostly Bugs, Being Lazy, Sticking with Pumbaa, Being a parental figure of some kind, Trying to achieve fame and fortune, Riding on Pumbaa's head, (And occasionally Simba's) Having competitions, Relaxing, Singing, Telling jokes and puns. Laughing at his own jokes. (In fact. Very hard) Playing with Simba


Timons tendency to be very loud, obnoxious, pretentious and very "In your face" to the point of absurdity has made even good friends get annoyed with him after awhile. He also seems to not listen as well as his motor mouth talks.

Other morally bad traits he exhibits commonly is being very Cowardly, Pessimistic. Somewhat hypocritical, Egotistical, Lazy, Having a bit of a Temper, Not being the best straight forward thinker, Letting his own Fear or Temper blind him from the painfully obvious, Giving up a little to easily, Jumping to conclusions, Impatient, Sneaky, Stubborn, Usually always wants something in return for favors, Selfish, Gluttonous, Also jest seems to generally have bad luck. (In a comical "Slapstick" sort of way)

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